After a large event: recycling, an essential step before your departure

After 4 intense days at MWC19, it’s time to move on to the big clean-up. But what are you going to do with all this paper, vinyl and foams that you can’t take on the plane? PCG is committed to supporting you in your recycling process and respecting the environment!

Recycling and selective sorting has become more and more common in our homes. We use bins for organic waste, others for glass or plastic. But what about at the office or when we travel for business?

Therefore, we want to reduce our waste as much as possible:

  •  we reuse all the paper we can’t use for printing as scrap paper,
  •  Shred paper containing confidential data or print off-cuts and then recycle it (partnerships with recycling companies),
  •  any plastic or computer equipment (e.g. cables) is given to a company which transforms it,
  •  the bottle caps are given to an NGO that helps people with disabilities.

Let us remember that paper and cardboard are among the most recyclable materials, which can be reused up to 5 times!

The Mobile World Congress is a big event that gives you the opportunity to be better known all over the world.

It involves a significant production of printing products, both for the exhibition stands and for the communication of the participating companies.

This does not necessarily imply a negative impact on the environment, as long as a well-defined organisation is put in place (sorting bins, use of ecological materials) and as long as everyone does a small gesture for the planet, by limiting energy consumption or the use of plastics for example.
Thanks to you, this event has already broken the world record for the most carbon-neutral congress twice (MWC15 – MWC16).

You also can take part in this process! Are you a company, an organizer? Did you participate in the Mobile World Congress and collaborate with us? We support you in your action for the environment! You can contact us now and we will collect all your unused prints for recycling.

Each year, you can also check out the environmental protection program developed by the Mobile World Congress, which is available on the event website.

If you want to continue your recycling process and/or reduce your paper consumption at your office, you can also use many digital tools that will help you achieve your objectives, such as the GreenPrint application for instance!