What is the use of print marketing in the digital age?

Are you hesitant to invest in print marketing materials in addition to your online marketing? You may be missing an essential element to promote your company in your sector!

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The awakening of the senses: Play on sight, touch, smell, forge a link with the prospect

Although more and more literature and other reading materials are appearing in digital form, the awakening of the senses that paper provides remains an essential element for many of us. Indeed, paper being material, it can be read not only with the eyes but also generates sensations thanks to the touch or even its smell. This affects the subjective side of the reader, the pleasant smell can give a positive impression of the company, a soft touch makes you want to keep the document in your hand for a few more seconds…

Prospecting that has an impact over time

While traditional marketing had fallen behind digital marketing, in recent years it has returned, notably due to a growth of e-mailing and online advertising that has become somewhat invasive. The prospect will take more time to read the paper document, more noble and more attractive in its form. It also remains longer in memory since it affects visual, tactile and olfactory memory. Indeed, its physical characteristic allows a better assimilation of information and leaves an even more important imprint on the prospect’s imagination.
In addition, if the paper is not discarded, it will always be on a table or in the working environment and can be reviewed several times. This further strengthens the memorization of information.

Your paper marketing will not fall into junk mail!

If you regularly conduct e-mail campaigns, you should have access to the statistics about to the prospects who have opened your e-mails and those who haven’t. Most of the time, your email campains only reach a few prospects in the end! A paper document, on the other hand, cannot be deleted by a simple mouse click.

A well-defined and targeted segmentation: who are your potential customers?

Although paid advertising campaigns allow you to target an audience very precisely, your online presence is visible to everyone and not only to your target audience. With your paper communication products, you can target your audience according to the location of the advertising campaign. What is the average age of the audience at this location? Is it in an area frequented by a certain type of individuals? Is it a trade show, a supermarket or a luxury store? Paper advertising also allows you to adapt to your target audience thanks to the different print effects and finishes of the products.

Establish a closer human contact

Thanks to the printed formats, your prospects will have a more direct contact with your company since you meet them face to face and establish a relationship with them.

Print Media: Textures and finishes - PCG Barcelona

Reach people who are less connected online

It is also an essential way to reach prospects who are less likely to spend time online. Some of your customers who are a little less connected will never be affected by your advertising if it is only present on the Internet. Paper is an essential means of mass prospecting for these people. Moreover, the majority of Internet users do not like to read on a screen for a long time, since it tires the eyes and often generates an intense headache that we could do without!

Take care of your brand image: an original design, colours,…

You will never get the same effect on a digital device as on a physical medium, to which you can add textures, relief, effects, which would be more related to your company’s identity. It is also part of your “branding” or “brand image”. The unique characteristics of your communication media, such as their colours, textures etc, will allow your prospects to recognize your brand at first glance and thus better memorize the information on your media.

However, it seems that the weak point of paper marketing is the lack of data on the effectiveness of the campaign as well as the lack of direct feedback from prospects, as there may be on social networks. For a successful advertising campaign, it is now essential to link paper and online marketing. There are various ways to do this, such as including a QR code on your flyers or integrating the URL address of your website into the design of your catalogue.

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