The advantages of the PUR adhesive perfect binding

In this blog we will show you the benefits of this revolutionary binding technique and its most common applications.

PUR glue is a type of adhesive based on Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) that allows a resistant and durable binding at a much lower cost compared to traditional thread sewn binding.


For the production of books there are two types of binding: the milled and the sewn. The sewn binding consists in grouping together the pages to form several booklets, which are sewn together with thread. Originally, milled binding was made with an ordinary glue to reduce production costs, but it was not as strong as sewn binding, the sheets could easily be peeled off and the book could not be fully opened up until PUR glue appeared.

PUR glue was introduced at the end of the 1980s to revolutionise binding by bringing together the best of both worlds, on the one hand, the strength of traditional sewn binding and, on the other hand, the low cost and production time of milled binding.

The advantage of PUR adhesive binding is that it can be made on nearly any type of paper, hard cover or soft cover, it resists extreme temperatures, and it offers greater flexibility and adhesion than other traditional glues, which offer a less malleable product with sheets coming off more easily. 


With this new type of adhesive we can offer short run book productions at no cost and no time at all. In addition to being able to obtain a resistant and quality product, books bound with PUR glue allow great customization possibilities since different types of papers and materials can be used to make your product look more attractive.

PUR binding technique and most common applications - PCG Barcelona

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