Cardboard cubes

Are you looking for an original idea to stand out and get more visibility? At PCG, we print cardboard cubes for decoration or to exhibit your products in trade shows, shop windows, conferences, etc.

Cardboard cubes | PCG Barcelona

You can place your logo on them to give more visibility to your company or designs that add a certain aesthetics to the space where they are placed.

One model is closed on its six sides and the other is open on one side, which allows you to create shelves, for instance. There are three different sizes for each model: 32x32x32 cm, 40x40x40 cm, 50x50x50 cm.

The material is corrugated cardboard, white on both sides. The smallest cube is made of one layer and the two larger ones with two layers to get greater resistance, and allow to stack them up. It does not serve as a seat or to put very heavy things on top.

You can add a glossy laminate finish to them, it protects them from stains, moisture, scratches, etc.

It closes with tabs on all its sides, without using glue because it could come off.

They are completely customizable, it is as simple as using the template we provide for your design and letting our team advise you to achieve the greatest possible impact.

The cubes have five sides that are visible at once and one that is hidden but can be used another time. They have a very wide surface and the message faces several directions, which makes the product very versatile.

The cardboard cube stands out because it offers the possibility of combining several cubes to create new forms. For example create a totem, a wall or a separator with an original design for trade shows or store decoration.

The cubes are completely flat once disassembled and thus easy to transport. In addition, due to their low weight, they can be carried easily.

They can be reused many times, they’re durable and recyclable.

At PCG, we use reciclable materials because we care about respecting the environment.

We have been members of the Red Española del Pacto Mundial (Spanish Network of the Global Compact) since 2015. The members of this UNO programme undertake to observe and promote the 10 principles on Human Rights, labour regulations, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption.

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