New: Christmas Postcards by PCG

At PCG, we offer you Christmas postcards to gift to who you want, whether it be family, friends or colleagues. You can also offer them to your business partners or customers.

We offer Christmas postcards with our own designs, made in PCG.

  • White ink printing on Kraft paper


  • White ink printing on gold metallic paper


  • White ink printing on silver metallic paper


  • White ink and CMYK printing on black card stock paper 300g


  • White ink printing on red card stock paper 300g

We can also print personalized postcards with your own design. Ours can serve you as inspiration, so you can see everything that we can offer.

At PCG, we offer 300g card stock paper in black, red, white and kraft. We also offer silver and gold metallic paper. We can print your postcards in CMYK and in white ink thanks to our Ricoh printer.

The white ink is good on card stock paper of intense or dark color. It is a good choice for Christmas prints. This ink reminds us of snowflakes and Santa Claus beard. It looks great associated to other colors that remind you of christmas.

Printing in CMYK usually doesn’t look good on colored papers. We usually print a first layer of the design with white ink and then a second layer with the CMYK colors.

But you have to know that if CMYK is printed over the white layer, a very thin white line might show on the borders of your design. It’s always better to print a proof because depending on the design, these white borders can be visible. Since the design has to be printed two times, it’s hard to have control over this because the printer doesn’t offer that much precision.

  Thin white line visible behind the CMYK

Our Christmas cards can come with envelopes too.

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