The Importance of the Corporate Stationery

You want to know more about corporate stationery? At PCG we explain to you the use of having a personalized stationery for your business, we advise you about its design and we show you the essential products that it should include.

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What is a corporate stationery?

The corporate stationery is made up of several printed products. It can include cards, notebooks, envelopes, letters, diaries, bookmarks, labels, receipts, papers, forms, delivery notes, invoices, etc. But it also includes objects such as pencils, USB flash drives, office supplies and merchandising. The idea is to represent the brand and the image of the company through commonly used printed products.

What’s its use?

It’s the first step for any company. It serves as a means of communication because its design transmits a message. It is part of the corporate identity of a company. It allows you to stand out, differentiate yourself, express your values ​​and particularities.

It is a marketing tool that favours the visual impact of the brand and helps it be remembered. It can be used to be quickly recognized by potential clients, suppliers, banks and partners. It transmits professionalism and it can help to transmit a certain message to attract new clients or to do networking.

Our tips for designing your corporate stationery

Before designing and printing the stationery, you have to have a vision of your business and think about the corporate identity. The stationery should include a versatile, durable and impactful logo. The logo is the best way to identify a brand, its design is important. The stationery represents your company: it doesn’t need to be too fancy if you are a chain of fast food, for example, but if you sell ecological products it would probably be better to print your stationery with recycled paper. Your stationery has to represent your business values, your company and your activity. Your goal is to give a positive first impression of your company.

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Essential elements of a corporate stationery

Business cards: they’re one of the first elements that enable to have contact with your company. A quality design that identifies the company will be a must for your business. It is important that the basic contact information appear on it: contact name, email, telephone, website and address.

Letters: they serve for formal communication with clients or within the company. They tend to have very simple designs, they only carry the logo of your company.

Envelopes: like letters, they serve for formal communication with customers or within the company. They usually include a very simple design but they can be customized with your company’s logo.

Invoices and delivery notes: they are essential tools for your activity within the company but they are also shared outside, for example with clients. They must serve their purpose and include important information but they are also personalized with the logo and company name and sometimes with more texts that highlight business values.

Folders: used to store, save or transport other documents and products. They are usually made with a thicker or stronger material than the documents they carry inside. They can be plasticized or have a hard cover depending on the use.

Notebooks: they can be offered to clients, suppliers and partners. Depending on how they are used by the later, they make them remember your company more or less often.

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Why order your corporate stationery products with PCG?

  • The PCG team has years of experience printing corporate stationery products.


  • We work with different types of clients and different sizes of companies which gives us a lot of knowledge on what works for any type of company or freelance worker.


  • We also take great care of the orders because customer service is what matters most to us.


  • We can advise and accompany you in your projects of creation and printing of corporate stationery, do not hesitate to contact us.

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