Examples of creative and sustainable packaging for the food sector

Do you want to know how to highlight your products through packaging or their presentation in the store? In this post we show you some creative ideas that you can use as inspiration for your products!

The concept of packaging is an essential element in the marketing of food products. It is a way of attracting the customer’s attention and making them identify with your product. Creating a need for the consumer that is in line with their tastes and values is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition. If your brand offers organic products, you can use cardboard as a star material to highlight the needs of a public that is increasingly concerned about environmental issues.

At PCG, we work primarily with environmentally friendly materials. We offer our clients the possibility of creating sustainable and easily recyclable cardboard packaging that can be folded and cut in order to create more original and creative packaging.

The versatility of cardboard offers a thousand and one opportunities to unleash your imagination. An example of this is this original university project created by a group of graphic design students from Mid University in Sweden, whose objective was to design an idea in which the packaging and visual concept for Japanese cookies and green tea would be original enough to be sold in a Swedish market. The result of the project, under the name SAIKAI, consisted of a packaging that acts as a box that protects the cookies, as a serving tray and as a great oportunity of fun.

Creative packaging - PCG Barcelona
Saikai - PCG Barcelona

Image source: SAIKAI

But it is not only cardboard that is an example of sustainability. Let’s take a look at the new honey brand Beeo as an example. Both its packaging and its entire creative line revolve around the essence of the product and clearly reflect the modern, authentic and sustainable spirit of the brand.
Beeo - PCG Barcelona
Beeo - PCG Barcelona

Image source: Hurtikonn Graphic

Mattéo, the creative mind behind Beeo’s design, decided to borrow the simplified shape of a beehive and recreated it using noble and sustainable materials such as wood and glass, creating a very original and eco-friendly packaging.

The purpose of the packaging design is to let the amber color of the honey shine in order to transmit the flavor and excellence of their product, as well as to show their respect for nature and the environment.

If your product is presented in glass or metal packaging and you want to include a creative design or your brand image, you can place a custom label on it and also add elegant finishes such as gold finish stamping or UVI ink printing. 

One great example is the work that the creative studio The Show Must Go On (TSMGO) made for the packaging for Easy-Mixers One Shot. The inspiration from the beginnings of cocktails back in the 1920s during Prohibition helped them to create an elaborate label that increases the appeal of the project’s visual narrative.

Another example is packaging design by IRPO, carried out by Andrea Basile of BasileADV and Resistenza Type Foundry, who show with this packaging project how to use gold stamping and UVI ink to reinforce the concept of tradition and elegance.

Don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity, we at PCG take care of the printing! The 100% customized labels can be placed on a wide range of containers such as boxes, jars, bottles, tubes, etc. The material does not matter, as long as it has a smooth surface.

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