For an environmentally friendly printing: the ecological latex-based ink

Do you want to produce printing products that are environmentally friendly? Does your company promote “green” marketing? PCG has a printing technique that is part of a sustainable development approach!

Conventional inks are often pointed out for their toxic, chemical and polluting components (threat to fauna, flora, dumping, carcinogenic to humans, flammable…)

Printing with water and latex-based ink - PCG Barcelona

However, there is an alternative: ecological latex ink, made from a water base. Developed by HP laboratories, a specialist in ink and printer design, this revolutionary ink is designed to be environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. Another successful bet for HP!

This ink contains no solvents. It can therefore be used for printing products placed in enclosed areas, and for which the use of solvents is prohibited, for example in the medical, school or catering sectors. The absence of solvents makes this ink completely odourless.

It is also important to note the non-toxicity of latex ink, which does not contain heavy metals such as nickel. Its water base and the absence of highly chemical products make this ink non-flammable and non-combustible

HP inks are UL ECOLOGO® certified (product certified for its reduced environmental impact), UL GREENGUARD GOLD (product certified for low chemical emission) and prints meet AgBB³ (chemical emission test for public use) criteria.

In addition to best avoiding any environmental damage to health, HP Latex Ink can be used on all substrates and requires no ventilation or UV for drying. This technique represents a reduction in working time, allows a large energy saving and thus, a reduction in costs.

If you still have doubts about the quality of a water-based ink, longevity tests of printed products clearly show its resistance to time. For any further technical information on HP latex printers, have a look on our article to learn more about the advantages of this new printer.

Ink and sustainable paper - PCG Barcelona

To go even further in your ecological printing, PCG uses labelled paper, recycled cardboard, and helps you recycle your printing products after your events. If you would like to know more about the impact of papermaking on the environment, you can click on our article on sustainability and the paper industry.

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