Essential marketing products for the hospitality and catering industry

Marketing in the hospitality and catering industry consists of a wide range of visual supports which are essential to highlight the services, image and values of the establishment. Your branding strategy needs to make the customer remember your quality services and later recognize your establishment among all of them. PCG advises you in your choices to promote your hotel, restaurant or bar with printed marketing products.

It was a successful bet for the Ibis hotel chain, which was founded in France in 1974 and which, in 2014, had 1000 hotels worldwide. Its logo is recognizable among all, and is present on all internal visual materials (signs, towels, soaps, employee clothing, and many others).

This is called the graphic charter of an establishment.

This graphic charter is divided into 4 steps through which the customer passes:

The first one takes place as soon as he arrives, at the reception. The company’s identity will be displayed through the documents issued to him, the entry pass to his room, the menu card of a restaurant, or the sign hung on a wall or above an entrance door.

When the guest accesses his room, he will find graphic supports called “room products“, such as bathroom products with the logo, advertisements for room services or for other hotel benefits. He may also find a welcome card, on a flyer, a card or even a door hanger. In the case of catering, advertising elements can be added in the form of a bottle neck hanger, paper placemat and a cup made out of recycled paper.

Personalized bottle neck hanger and door hanger for hostels - PCG Barcelona

At the end of his stay, or of his dinner in a restaurant, the information will be delivered to him through administrative products, such as business cards, loyalty cards and other brochures.

But the visitor experience doesn’t has to stop there. He will be able to take with him the visual image of the establishment, through other communication media, goodies (pens, notepads, key rings, candy with logo on the packaging,…). You can also offer to subscribe to a newsletter in order to send them information and offers about the establishment. To further encourage your customer to come back, feel free to provide them with a loyalty or membership card with benefits!

At PCG, we provide you with everything you need to imbue your visitors with your brand image.

To do this, we recommend products with an unbeatable visual impact.

Ornamental adhesive vinyl and prepasted wallpaper

We offer you several types of adhesive vinyls for your storefront. We can also make custom wallpapers for the interior of your premises!

The easel advertising board

This small marketing tool, easy to place on the street, is particularly effective in catching the eye of the passer-by! In addition, you can place a new poster every day according to your promotions of the day, the season, or simply your current tastes! And unlike the slate advertising easel, the one with printing can include your logo, photos of your appetizing dishes or your hotel services. You can also use signs inside or outside your establishment!

Personalized easel advertising board for restaurants and bars - PCG Barcelona
Printed menus for hotels, restaurants and bars - PCG Barcelona

The menu or service menu

A great must-have in the world of hotels and restaurants! This is the first element that will create trust with your visitor and therefore customer relationship. In order to convince your customer that you can offer them the best, it is essential to demonstrate the quality of your offer through an unbeatable design.

It is also possible to create menu or card holders, such as easels, to highlight your offer even more. An elegant way to offer your services that can put them on the front stage!

Customised napkins and placemats

Paper napkins with your logo, single-use paper placemats to put on your tables: very practical, these elements can say a lot about you! You can also place a short history of the restaurant on your placemats, or even your menu! In the same spirit, we can find personalized coasters or cups made of ecological cardboard for your bar.

The loyalty or business card

Another essential tool to build customer loyalty! They can be made with various effects to promote your brand image: classic, gold, silver, in relief… These same cards can be delivered in card holders.

Printed bags for hotels and restaurants - PCG Barcelona

Takeaway boxes or doggy bags

From the pastry box with a small handle to the window box for your salads and other dishes that you want to be exhibited to the customer. Thanks to the logo printed on it, your customer will take your brand with him outside the restaurant!

You can also place these items in plastic or kraft bags before giving them to your customer.

Notebooks, brochures, leaflets, envelopes…..

We also print all the small marketing materials necessary for your communication!

Spilled coffee and sauce stains on menus or business cards are a risks that you can never be safe from in bars and restaurants. We offer you different types of materials to counter the risks of the hotel and restaurant industries, including tear-proof and waterproof paper!

You are also welcome to ask us for advice, we will inform you about all the possible solutions we can offer you, according to your needs or your design.

Printed envelopes for hotels - PCG Barcelona

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