Letterpress and painted edges,

the perfect mix to enhance your business cards

If you want your business cards to stand out from the others, at PCG we offer you the option of combining printing techniques and finishes to enhance and differentiate your corporate image.

In previous posts of this blog we talked about the importance of corporate stationery as a key to publicize the image of your business. Among its elements, business cards stand out as a main key in your marketing strategy, as it’s the first contact that you share with potential clients and customers.

Business cards are one of the cornerstones to stand out from the competition. A good design, along with good creativity, turns business cards into fundamental pieces of the branding strategy. If we add to your design the combination of printing techniques and finishes, business cards become the perfect tool to create a captivating brand.

Letterpress is a “relief” printing process, it’s a technique where pressure is exerted onto the paper to leave a relief effect and texture on the paper, using ink or not. It’s impossible not to run your fingers across a letterpress impression! 

For this type of process it is essential to use paper with a high grammage, over 90 grams, otherwise the paper could be torn or it would not be possible to achieve the desired effect. If we use a grammage over 200 grams, we will be able to get a deeper and more detailed relief.

To increase the effect we can also mount sheets of thick paper. The volume of the mounting will provide the necessary body to be able to apply a deep letterpress impression on both sides of the card not leaving a visible mark on the opposite side. 

If you want to add an unique touch to your branding proposal, painted edges are the perfect option. We can play with the contour of the card and add some color to give it more dimension, that way your business card will stand out from the others. An eye-catching business card is the cornerstone of any successful branding venture

Business card - PCG Barcelona
Business card - PCG Barcelona

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