Our role is essential in the fight against climate change

From the 2nd to the 13th of December Madrid will host the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as the COP25.

During these days United Nations Global Compact and the Spanish Local Network celebrate several meetings and conferences with the main objective of make a call to action to companies to increase their ambition and commitment with the cause, and also to achieve a carbon neutral economy in 2050. 

More than 25,000 representatives from 200 countries meet in IFEMA with the main objective of reaching agreements and commitments between the different nations, to lay the foundations for a new phase of climate action and combat the effects of climate change.

The Spanish Global Compact Network wants to address an invitation to the more than 1,200 Spanish companies involved in the initiative to commit ourselves to fighting climate change by following the slogan “Time for Action is Now”.

The High Commissioner for Agenda 2030, Cristina Gallach, in this interesting interview with diario.es she warns us about the direct impact of climate change on people’s wellness: “The day-to-day effects of climate change can be seen. It is no longer the image of the polar bear or the melting glacier, now it is the image of our daily lives”. 

PCG, as an active member of the Global Compact and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, wants to invite you all to increase your dedication and commitment in the fight against climate change! In this Decalogue for Climate  we can find 10 concrete and simple actions for companies to combat global warming

Time to Act is Now!

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