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The Pantone Color Match Card works with the camera phone. With the Pantone Connect mobile app, we use the Pantone Color Match Card to capture a color, search for the best match and save the Pantone Color we have chosen in our color library.

Using the Color Match Card is very simple.
First place the card near the object you want to analyze, open Pantone Connect on your cell phone and frame both items with the camera.The colors printed on the card are used to calibrate the colors we focus on with the camera. Within seconds the app shows us the matches and variants of the official Pantone range.

“This unique solution makes matching a color that has inspired us with a Pantone color as easy as taking a photo. And all this with levels of accuracy very close to what more expensive color reading devices could offer,” the company says.

Thanks to the extension they have created for Adobe Creative Cloud, this reference will appear in all the libraries of the Illustrator and Photoshop programs you have linked.

Colors: an universal language with Pantone

Colors are one the easiest way to express ourself in each part of the globe. We can use it through art, clothes, branding, products and many more. A single color can express from itself many things and emotions. For example if we think of the color red, we can think about blood, love, anger, passion, roses. But if we add some dimensions to it by making it burgundy red, we will think about wine, old fashion style or a color that suits autumn season. Just by that, we have a complete other point of view of the color red. That is why Pantone offers range of different colors.

What is a Pantone?

A system of identification of all the possible colors for suppliers amd brands. Comes in different types of color palette such as : coated, uncoated and mat.

It exists many variation of colors. To create one, we use CMYK which are the initials of the inks Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. With a certain amount of each inks, a color appears.

The great thing is that color is an universal language that can be understood by everyone.

Pink Pantone - PCG Barcelona
Pantone - PCG Barcelona

What about the companies?


In order to find the perfect match for products and brands, you will need the palettes to help you choose among 1000 and more colors.

The color differs from a texture to an other. For example, the same color on a nylon fabric will not be the same tone as if it was on a polyester fabric or on paper or plastic.

The needs of the company is an important part of the business because only the brand knows what color they want.

They have many possibilities : solid colors, pigments, varnish, shimmers, metallic, neons, pastels and more. They can also see the difference with lightning indicators.

For brands name, we need the color to be exactly the same each time because the color is part of the company’s identity.

For exemple, here are some of well-known brands color code :

Brand color - PCG Barcelona

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