Pantone: The Game’; the colour palette to play with your friends

Pantone brings out its most entertaining side by creating a board game in which you have to reveal your artistic side and guess characters. 

The color palette most used by designers has been turned into a board game. Pantone has launched a fun and original game called ‘Pantone: The Game’, in which you’ll have to create well-known pop culture characters that your friends and family will have to guess using the famous colour palette. 

Pantone: The Game’ is a game designed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, and game designer Scott Rogers, who worked on the creation of the famous video game “God of War”. Both have adapted the colour palette very well to a board game aimed not only at people from the graphic arts world, but also at anyone looking to have a good time with their family and friends.

How to play?

The dynamic is similar to other known games, such as Pictionary or Party & Co and can be played between 2 or more teams. 

First, a person from the team chooses a card that shows the name of a character. Then, they must use the other cards to try to create the character as closely as possible with different Pantone color swatches and ways of placing them, so that the rest of the players on the same team can guess who it is. The fewer clues they need for guessing, the more points they get. 

The idea that the game suggests is that in order to create the character we have to bring out the artist in us, and to guess it, we need to have synaesthesia, the ability to associate colors with characters (the word comes from the Greek ” syn “, ” together “, and ” aisthesis “, ” perception “).

‘Pantone: The Game’ is available on Amazon for 28€!