Paper formats: different uses, different sizes

As you know, paper is present in our life on a daily basis and plays a big part of it. For the most common one, we have the classic A4 paper that you find and use mostly everyday, everywhere. The A5 format is also well known as it is the format we use for notes for example. In this blog, we are going to see the different sizes of paper and how you can use them.

First of all, the ISO 216 standard passed by to classify papers based on their dimensions. It created the international standard so that every country in Europe can have the same language with papers. In the USA and Canada , it is more of a Letter format rule.

There is a very long list of paper formats but we will focus more on the A series.

It exists three range of paper, A, B and C, A being the “primary” range and B and C the “subsidiary” ranges. Divided in 10 subgroups each, it goes from A0 being the largest to A10 being the smallest.

To talk more about B and C, you can take envelopes for reference to C. A A4 format letter can go in a C4 envelope and this envelope can go inside a B4 envelope.

Here are the different use of each size:

A0, dimensions 841 x 1189 mm:

Biggest format, used by designers and copy shops. Same for A1 and A2.

Mainly used for technical drawing.

A1, dimensions 594 x 841 mm:

Technical drawing, maps, posters.

A2, dimensions 420 x 594 mm:

Drawing or printing photos, posters, charts, large wall calendars.

A3, dimensions 297 x 420 mm:

Most common one with A4, most used in office printers. Drawing, artwork, poster, photos, magazines, musical scores, certificates. Can be used to do promotional leaflets folded in six ways.

A4, dimensions 210 x 297 mm:

The classic paper for printers and standard documents. Letter, school notebooks, encyclopaedias, magazines, leaflets folded in three.

A5, dimensions 148 x 210 mm:

Used a lot too, notebooks, to do list, little memo, doesn’t take as much space than A4, printing books, leaflets and flyers.

A6, dimensions 105 x 148 mm:

Postcards, greeting cards, pocket diaries and books.

A7, dimensions 74 x 105 mm:

Mini calendar, flyers, greetings cards.

A8, dimensions 52 x 74 mm:

Loyalty cards, business cards, stickers and labels. Fits in a wallet.

Sizes of paper - PCG Barcelona
Paper - PCG Barcelona

These are just the basic forms but you can be creative and play with the different sizes for your demand. You can go with a triangle, a circle, a square patron etc. This is totally up to you!

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