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How to promote your alimentary products through their packaging or in-store presentation? PCG offers you its best techniques for the merchandising of alimentary products!

The main purpose of packaging is to transport and protect food and to inform the consumer. But nowadays, with more and more competition in the market for the same product, this is no longer its only purpose. It also has a more subjective function, which is to highlight products and allow the brand to stand out from the competition in order to increase sales.


The concept of packaging is an essential concept in the marketing of food products. It is a way of attracting the customer’s attention and making him or her recognize himself or herself in this product. Creating a need for the consumer that is in line with their tastes and values is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition. If it is organic, you may use a green cardboard, with your organic certification highlighted in order to meet the needs of a population that is increasingly concerned about the environmental and demographic issues that the agri-food industry represents today.


The way you promote your products expresses the personality of your brand. For example, you can communicate in a creative way, like Trident did with the packaging concept created by Hani Douaji, or choose a sober and elegant presentation as we often see for chocolate, smoked salmon or caviar.

It is up to you to choose the packaging that best matches your brand image, the product you offer and the customers you want to target and gather around your product.

POS Shelves: Bottle in-store display - PCG Barcelona
Creative packaging design : surprise hen with chocolate eggs - PCG Barcelona

At PCG, we work mainly with environmentally friendly materials. Thus, we offer our customers the possibility to create recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging!


The latter can take on classic shapes, such as doggy bag or popcorn boxes, while being fully customizable through printing.

These boxes can be made with cardboard of different thicknesses, there are different standard sizes and shapes.


But these can also take much less conventional forms! Let your imagination run wild, cardboard is a great tool that can be folded and cut to create ever more original packaging – just like this surprise hen containing chocolate eggs, made for the Easter holidays.

If cardboard is not a solution that meets your needs, there are other options that can be considered.


If you want glass or metal packaging, but want it to include your corporate identity, you can place a personalized label made of paper or plastic on it. The plastic label is made of adhesive vinyl, the most moisture-resistant material. It can easily be placed in the refrigerator or glued to liquid containers that may spill. (put link blog vinyl adhesive)

This type of label can be placed on a wide range of containers, boxes, jars, bottles, tubes etc. The material doesn’t matter, as long as it has a smooth surface.

Paper or vinyl stickers can also be useful to transmit information or add your logo on your packaging!

Original cardboard cylindrical packaging for chocolate - PCG Barcelona

It is also very important to highlight your products! Merchandising does not only include the presentation of the product and its packaging, but also the way and place in which you offer them to your customers. In line with our ecological approach, at PCG we offer you displays and other furniture made of recycled cardboard.

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