Advertising and marketing: promotional products that boost sales

You’re not sure whether you should invest in promotional items or not? At PCG, we explain to you why these items are important and how they can boost your marketing!

Many everyday items that your prospects use can serve as great advertising media. They allow you to be visible even in your prospect’s home or office, and thus increase the chances of a sale.

The promotional gift particularly stands out from other media because it has a much stronger visual impact on the prospects and encourages them to turn to the brand that they already know, thanks to its advertising products. PCG gives you ideas for advertising gifts to boost your marketing!

Everyone has “goodies”, so how can you stand out?

It is important to avoid the typical poor quality gift that all the companies give away, and that is always the same except for the brand logo on it. This gives your brand a low-end image and doesn’t allow you to differentiate yourself. – Ask for a sample to check the quality of the product before ordering large quantities!

To distinguish yourself, focus on sustainable development for example! Either by supporting a charity with your promotional gifts (10 cents donated to the charity,… etc), or by creating environmentally friendly products (recycled, recyclable,…). 

 Communicating the company’s values can be an important differentiating factor.

But what can you offer your customers and prospects?


With a gift like this one, be sure to be present throughout your prospect’s day! Indeed, it is very useful at work, allows you to place your logo on it and to shape it to your image. Plus, some office workers will spend at least 7 hours a day using it!

USB sticks

It is probably one of the most useful promotional product for the prospect, whether he is a student or a worker. Key holders and magnets are fun objects, but the USB key has real functionalities. Customize it with an original design and your prospect will be delighted to take it to his meetings or to use it to store his personal photos!

Notebook Promotional Product Advertising - PCG Barcelona
Pencil Promotional Product Advertising - PCG Barcelona

Pens and pencils

Another must-have is the pen, which can be taken everywhere, both at work and at home. You can stand out by using original designs, such as the glowing pen, a multicoloured pencil and many others.


Discreet and efficient! They can be placed on any metallic surface. At the office, your prospect will certainly place it on a radiator or refrigerator (also visible to colleagues!).


They will allow your prospects to see your brand as soon as they wake up. Create them with a fun or sweet design to brighten grey mornings, this way you can lift your prospects’ mood when they have a hard time waking up in the morning!


Canvas bags or tote bags

We take them everywhere! They’re light, practical and unlike plastic bags, ecological. They can be used as shopping bags, bags you can throw all of your things into, or to carry a laptop, since their rectangular shape adapts perfectly to this use!



For maximum visibility! If your prospects win a t-shirt with your logo on it, it turns them into  human billboards (although this argument may seem a bit harsh!) They can be influencers and carry your brand image around, allowing you to reach a wider range of prospects with just one product!

Nescafé Mug Promotional Product Advertising - PCG Barcelona

Depending on your area of business, you can also offer your customers and prospects luggage tag holders, toilet bags, soap with logo on the packaging, smartphone pockets or shells, external batteries, mini speakers, headphones, mouse pads, calculators, all types of office supplies (erasers, highlighters, scales, etc.), plush with printed t-shirt, lanyards, caps and many more!!


These promotional gifts can also be offered for holidays and for your customers’ birthdays in order to build brand loyalty. A calendar, a bottle of wine with a personalized label,… a way to reach out to your customers and show them that you care about them!

To personalize your promotional items, do not hesitate to contact us! We will guide you so that you have all your chances to convince your prospects!

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