The requirements for a perfect print file

At PCG, we want to help you get the best results possible for your printed products. With this list, you can check step by step if your file meets the PCG quality requirements.

✓ Color mode: CMYK

The RGB color mode does not exist in printing. Make sure you create your files in CMYK or convert them to CMYK mode before sending them to us. If your file contains a special color (Pantone), be sure to name this color sample with its value. A Pantone color’s value is a code that defines it, like 1645 C for example.

For more information click here:

Color mode | PCG Barcelona

✓ Bleeds:

Have you left a 3 mm bleed area all around in the final open format of your document?

Bleeds are necessary when your design has a background or reaches the edge of the paper. Both the printer and the paper cutting machine have a margin of error that could cause white lines to be visible in the contours.

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Crop marks:

Does your file include crop marks?
These marks are very important so that the machinist that will trim your prints knows where they have to be trimmed. Be sure to add them before sending us your document. For more information click here:

Security margins:

Make sure to leave a margin of at least 5mm between the end of your text and the crop marks. If it’s too close to this marks, it may be that a part of your text is cut or touches the edge, which doesn’t look great.
If your product is a calendar, a notepad or a brochure with wire-o, we recommend leaving 10 to 20mm margin on the binding side. For more information click here:

Size of your file:

Always work with the actual size of the final open format, including the bleeds.
For example, if we have to expand your A5 file to an A4 format, it is very likely that there will be a loss of resolution and quality.

✓ Format of your file:

Whenever it’s possible for you, send us your files in high resolution PDF. Its closed format prevents many printing errors. We also accept other formats such as .ai, .psd, .tiff, etc… Make sure to embed all the links and vectorize all the fonts, or send us a zip with all the links (images, logos…) and fonts. They’re necessary to allow us to open the file and make changes if needed.

Lastly, we list you the information that we need to manage your request in a fast and efficient way:

  • The format (A4, A5…)
  • The number of pages (is different from the number of sheets)
  • If it is a single or double sided print
  • If it is color or black and white printing
  • The quantity of prints
  • The grammage and the type of paper (matte, gloss, laid, offset…)
  • The finishes (folding, creasing, binding, varnish, lamination…)

Contact with PCG

If you need a personalised quotation or would like our team to provide you with assessment for your projects, please feel free to contact us. We are a team of professionals from the sector that will look after your project from beginning to end.

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