Prepare your stand for a Trade Show: Large Format, Furniture and Decoration

Exhibiting at a trade show? At PCG we offer you integral printing services and we help you prepare your stand to give visibility to your products and reach your business goals.

Having a good stand is essential to attract visitors and make your products and services visible to them. For this purpose, large format products such as roll ups, ecological cardboard furniture, decoration vinyls, cardboard cubes, etc. are of great help. Like other communication formats, they are essential for your success during the fair.

Large Format

Large format products are very useful to highlight important information or the logo of the company to allow it to be seen from a distance.
Among the most used products is the roll up. Its advantages are that it is easy to transport due to its low weight and easy to assemble. Also, you can reuse it. Appart from the standard silver one, we also offer a more elegant black structure. Printed and cut adhesive vinyls can be removable or permanent. They are products that can be used outdoors, on walls and floors (find out more about adhesive vinyls). Another alternative is the Yupos that adhere with micro suction cups, do not carry glue, do not leave marks or bubbles and can be reused.
The PVC and fabric banners are placed on the wall with Velcro and then can be reused in other events. The fabric banner is a light, recyclable decoration system and you can set it up yourself, which will make you save a lot of money.



Cardboard furniture and decoration

The recycled cardboard furniture can be customized and is a very striking option. It’s easy to assemble and transport and can be used several times. You can choose between different models and formats and customize them to your liking, with creative designs, to attract potential customers. You can create original counters, exhibitors or totems. Cardboard furniture can serve both decoration and advertising.

The visual aspects of a stand are the first thing that participants see, it’s an important mean to attract potential clients. There are several customizable decorative elements that we can add to the stand to achieve this goal. For example, cardboard cubes that you can stack or create walls and structures with and fabrics or wall stickers that you can place inside your stand. The design project of the Tobe! Sunglasses store that we have made is an example of the use of decorative vinyls.

At PCG we have experience in stand preparation. We have worked with exhibitors that participate in trade shows for years and we know how to advise them. We can offer all the products you may need for a trade show or a professional event. So you don’t have to manage orders with several printers. In addition, we can print and deliver in Barcelona in only 4 hours. (Check “Last minute”products, delivery in 4 hours)

Contact with PCG

If you need a personalised quotation or would like our team to provide you with assessment for your projects, please feel free to contact us. We are a team of professionals from the sector that will look after your project from beginning to end.

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