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The requirements for a perfect print file

At PCG, we want to help you get the best results possible for your printed products. We made a list so you could check step by step if your file meets the printing file requirements.

Cardboard cubes

Are you looking for an original idea to stand out and get more visibility? At PCG, we print cardboard cubes for decoration or to exhibit your products in trade shows, shop windows, conferences, etc.

New: Christmas Postcards by PCG

At PCG, we offer you Christmas postcards to gift to who you want, whether it be family, friends or colleagues. You can also offer them to your business partners or customers.

All about resin doming

Resin doming is a technique that consists of covering the surface of an impression with a type of resin. It can be used for stickers, magnets, labels or key rings, etc.

Sustainability: the paper industry

The paper industry has a bad reputation but you have to know that it has made efforts in recent years to make paper and its production more sustainable.

The Importance of the Corporate Stationery

In this article we explain to you the use of a personalized stationery for your business, we advise you on its design and we list you the essential products it should include.

Characteristics and advantages of the Roll up

The Roll up is a product that can offer a lot! At PCG, we present you its advantages so that you know in what situations it can be used and what benefits you can get from it.

Contact with PCG

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