The Ecological booth: an original and eco-friendly design for a successful trade show

At PCG Print, we offer ecological exhibition stands as well as personalized portable furniture made of recyclable materials for event communication.

For the Mobile World Congress 2018, we delivered a booth for our client from the company Kumbaya Inc.

We are both part of the United Nations Global Compact, and we share the same socio-environmental values.

Kumbaya was particularly interested in our eco-friendly cardboard furniture as well as our reusable banners made of recyclable fabric.

PCG Ecological Booth Kumbaya MWC

Cardboard furniture can be used as a display for exhibiting and showcasing products, while large-format banners are an effective way to attract the attention of visitors to the show.

Thanks to its numerous qualities, cardboard furniture is very popular with our corporate customers.

It is recyclable, practical, lightweight, easy to assemble, and therefore very useful at trade shows, exhibitions and other professional events.

Open Podium Kumbaya MWC Ecological Booth
Closed Podium Kumbaya MWC Ecological Booth

Our banners made out of opaque or “blockout” fabric are also original products and a reusable alternative to traditional PVC banners. They have velcro sewn all around their perimeter to fix them up.

They are lightweight and foldable, which makes them easy to store and to transport and makes them a durable product.

The blockout fabric differs from other polyester fabrics by its silky touch and its thickness which makes it more opaque.

Banner Kumbaya MWC Barcelona Ecological Booth


Kumbaya has opted for shiny laminate display stands to present their products: three podiums and two pedestals.

These cardboard furniture pieces all have a waterproof PVC surface on the top that allows them to be cleaned. They are made of resistant honeycomb alveolar cardboard, which is much stronger than corrugated cardboard because Kumbaya’s products weigh about 10kg each .

Today, environmental issues are at the heart of the debate and taking action to protect the environment gives companies a positive image. This can be an important asset.

Unfortunately, many companies only use social and environmental matters for their sales and marketing campaigns, they do not really care.

Business Success PCG Ecological Booth

However, taking these issues into account not only ensures business sustainability but also allows you to stand out in the market thanks to your values.

The choice of an eco-stand represents a value added to your company, its originality can attract new customers and partners during trade shows.

An original and personalized stand can attract attention, highlight the products or services of a company, but also create a pleasant environment. An environment that welcomes the visitor and creates a favorable atmosphere for discussions.

Order your ecological exhibition stand!

You’re an eco-responsible company and you want to stand out thanks to sustainable development?

Communicate in an ecological way thanks to our products made of recyclable materials and our ecological and personalized furniture.

Choose our products for your event communication: An original design and a responsible touch!

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