Printing with UV coating

Get to know more about printing with UV coating, to highlight and give relief to your printing products.

UV coated business card: Printing UV Coating
What is UV coating?

UV coating is a highly glossly varnish applied on paper and dried with ultraviolet light.

It can be applied uniformly or selectively to highlight particular elements (a logo, an image or the name of the company for example).

The varnish can be more or less thick, to play with shapes, textures and brightness.

UV coated Adjomo business card: Printing UV Coating

When we think of personalized printing with UV varnish, the first thing that comes to mind is business cards and covers of magazines or catalogs. And that is normal since they are the main business communication supports.

But you can also take advantage of this technique to give more elegance and distinction to:

  • Books
  • Wedding invitations
  • Cards / postcards
  • Brochures
  • Corporate folders
  • It is a discreet and elegant way to highlight your identity
  • To enhance the gloss of the coating, the Selective UV coating or Spot UV coating prints are first laminated in matt, which gives the printing product a soft touch, a smooth appearance and protects it from light, water, friction… for a more durable communication support
  • The relief of the UV coating can be more or less thick depending on the tastes of each one, resulting in a tactile experience for your clients
  • UV coating allows to highlight the most important elements for your company, such as the logo or a photo of your products
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File preparation tips

The creation of the files for UV coated prints is very simple.

You just have to follow these three rules:

  • You have to send a separate file with the areas of application of the varnish, in black 100% 
  • You can not varnish  lines or letters that are too thin: for lines the minimum is 0.5 points and 11 points for typos.
  • UV coating can not go to the edges and folds of the product because when handling the prints, the UV coating could break. Therefore, a minimum margin of 2 or 3 mm must be left between the varnished areas and the edges or folds.
UV coating has no secret for you now! If you have more application ideas or questions about this coating, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.
At PCG we will be happy to help you obtain the best possible result for your corporate communication supports.

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