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PCG is a digital printing company from Barcelona that specialises in digital, offset printing, large-format and “last-minute” printing and in the design and production of ecological recycled high-strength cardboard furniture.

Our main goal is to cover, flexibly and effectively, all of our customers’ printing and graphic communication requirements, providing them, at all times, with the best possible service from the beginning to the end of the project. We fully understand our customers’ business requirements, which is why we always seek the best possible solution to meet their needs as quickly as possible.

 PCG is comprised of a team of graphic professionals with a wealth of experience in the digital and offset printing world. A creative team that will provide you with assessment and offer imaginative solutions, always with a personalised and impeccable approach, which is what sets us apart from online printers.

We are an ecological or green printer, since we are totally committed to protecting the environment. Our manufacturing activities are based on cutting-edge technologies that allow us to improve in the areas of energy efficiency, waste reduction and increased recycled products.

We work with recycled or PEFC- and FSC-certified papers and cardboards. We offer a broad range of ecological products: eco-furniture, Yupo adhesives, large-format, latex ink printing (a high-quality, non-polluting and environmentally respectful ink, which is also non-flammable and non-combustible. It contains no volatile organic components nor produces ozone-depleting emissions).

PCG regards respect for human rights as basic, which is why we have been members of the Red Española del Pacto Mundial (Spanish Network of the Global Compact) since 2015. The members of this UNO programme undertake to observe and promote the 10 principles on Human Rights, labour regulations, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption.

We are also members of the Réseau Alliance, a French network involving companies from all over the world to promote good social and environmental practices in responsible companies.

PCG also belongs to the Gremi de la Indústria i la Comunicació Gràfica de Catalunya [Graphic Industry and Communication Guild of Catalonia] and the Graphic Arts Professionals Association of Catalonia

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