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PCG Printing Services

We fully understand the importance of having a trusted supplier that will help you to grow and will make work easier for you, which is why PCG offers a quality service, personalised attention and the highest possible commitment to its customers. We are a digital print shop that can help and assess all types of customers, from multinational corporations through to small- and medium-sized companies.

Printing services for companies of different sizes

Multinationals or large companies

PCG has extensive experience in working with multinationals or major companies from different sectors: Industry, telecom, cosmetics…
We manage an extensive number of items and nomenclatures with consummate skill. We offer a special service for trade fairs and promotional events that will allow you to print anything you need (cardboard furniture, roll-ups, vinyls, fabrics…)

Medium-sized companies

As medium-sized companies, grow and become more consolidated, so too do their graphic requirements. If you are in this category, PCG has its own machinery and the most innovative digital and offset printing techniques for printing short rush jobs or major amounts, as required.
Our digital print shop prints all kinds of formats and sizes.

Small Companies

We offer the possibility of short print runs, with a fast and efficient service that adapts perfectly to the needs of small companies. We would like to advise you in your graphic needs, help your brand to grow and grow with you.

Contact with PCG

If you need a personalized quote or want our team to advise you on your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

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