How to create an attractive stand without damaging the material?

Are you participating to a trade show but do not have your own booth? You don’t want to damage it? We offer you alternatives that leave no trace on surfaces and can be reused!

Regular adhesive vinyl is a very practical, aesthetic and inexpensive material. But it can be difficult to remove and damage the material on which it is placed. So what are the alternatives to it?

adhesive vinyl easy dot - PCG Barcelona


This latter has very small dots of glue. It is very practical and can be placed anywhere as an advertising medium, whether it is large format, for signs or the walls of your stand, or even a small sticker. And it can be removed many times. Its easy-application and easy take-off makes it an essential product for trade shows.


This vinyl is not an adhesive. It consists of a multitude of micro suction cups, and is made of polypropylene, a solid and 100% recyclable material. This product, which can have any size and shape you wish, can be applied on any smooth and clean surface. You can then wash it and reuse it!

The textile or PVC banner – a Photocall

You can place a textile or PVC banner on the walls of your stand. These are reusable and cleanable alternatives. Indeed, you can wipe the PVC with a sponge and put your fabric in the washing machine. But you can also place a photocall in front of your walls. They offer an incomparable visual and are also reusable.

A Poster

The paper poster is a must in visual marketing. It is economical and reusable, and can be printed and installed very quickly. Different paper weights can be used, depending on your requirements and the size of the product.

Photocall PVC banner - PCG Barcelona
Ecological cardboard furniture stand - PCG Barcelona


You like the idea of the poster but would you prefer a solid support? FOAMs can be used as a poster or support, or placed on a table or on the floor with a pedestal.

Ecological cardboard furniture

Do you need tables, chairs, counters, in your stand? But you would like them to reflect your brand? We can provide you with recycled and recyclable cardboard furniture, printed with the design of your choice! Place your logo on them, with colors that represent you,… reuse them over and over again and promote your commitment to the environment!

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