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Corporate Stationery

A company’s corporate stationery is a very important aspect that must be taken care of, since it provides one of our brand’s greatest visual impacts, a business card may be the first communication element of our brand that a future customer sees, which is why creative corporate stationery must be regarded as a standard marketing tool and be given the importance it rightly deserves.

printing products: Sustainable customized cardboard furniture

Ecological cardboard furniture

We design and create totally personalised cardboard furniture for companies, advertising agencies, TV production companies, exhibition rooms, museums…Just let your creativity run riot and we will take care of everything!

Communication formats

Get the communication formats your company deserves! PCG specialises in digital and offset printing of all kinds of advertising formats. Because your communication formats must be the mirror of your business, reflecting your positioning and clearly transmitting your messages and values

printing products: Communication format
printing products: Large format

Large-format printing

Large-format digital printing is the most visible and direct form of communicating, both indoor and outdoor. It is suitable for urban advertising, trade fairs, congresses, conventions… It is the ideal format for transmitting emotions.

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