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Large-format digital printing is the most visible and direct form of communicating, both indoor and outdoor. It is suitable for urban advertising, trade fairs, congresses, conventions… It is the ideal format for transmitting emotions. Digital printing now offers major benefits since it permits large-format printing in a very short period of time, as well as the possibility of renewing your image constantly.

PCG provides you with all the necessary solutions and tips for large-format printing: materials, designs and finishes. We offer you a broad range of flexible (fabric, adhesive vinyl, Yupo, canvas wraps, wallpaper…) and rigid (cardboard, Foam or feather cardboard, forex or foamed PVC, aluminium, Dibond, methacrylate…) formats.

PCG offers green printing, we have cutting-edge machinery for printing with latex technology: photographic quality, bright colours, printing that dries immediately, certified ecological, water-based and odourless inks without volatile organic compounds. Perfect for decorating and itemising public places such as hotel interiors, hospitals, workplaces and your own home, in a pollution-free and 100%-ecological fashion.

We also specialise in digital die-cutting. We propose a digital cutting service to personalise your graphic elements even further. An economical alternative, since no physical die is required, and it works very well for small runs, e.g. magnets, stoppers, displays, labels, point-of-sale material…


large format printing: roll-ups

Printing of roll-ups, pop-ups, photocalls

In PVC or in fabric, with metal structures, they are the best-selling large-format products and they are usually economical, since graphic appearance can be changed without affecting the structure.
They attract your customers’ attention, they are easy to assemble and can be kept in a carrying case or bag. We also propose cardboard photocalls that will give your events a sustainable dimension.



They are the ideal large format for spreading your brand image, decorating windows, shop windows, vehicles. We can do all types of personalised vinyl pressing, white or transparent, cut vinyl or micro-perforated vinyl for viewing from one side only (e.g. buses). We also offer the opportunity of applying a special non-slip laminate for floors: it is ultra-strong and is a guarantee of graphic communication with an impact.


Printed fabrics

They are an ecological alternative to PVC canvases, are much lighter and they can be folded without problems of fabric creasing. They are also washable, provided that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. They are also perfect for indoor and outdoor use and they will brighten up your stand or any sales area. The colours are fixed to the fabric by means of sublimation to guarantee a lasting print in vivid and clear colours.


Forex, foam and dibond

Strong and light materials, ideal for indoor or outdoor posters. Contact us and we will advise you as to the material that suits your project best.



  • Printed canvases: we offer high-quality printed canvases and solutions for all kinds of communication.
  • Frontlit canvas: the standard canvas, a best-seller and the most water- and sun-resistant. The colours are not affected.
  • Micro-perforated canvas, designed for areas exposed to the wind, water-and sun-resistant. The colours are not affected.
  • Black-out canvases: Totally opaque for double-sided translucent printing, water- and sun-resistant. The colours are not affected.
  • Backlit canvas: special canvas for back-lighting, with lights behind them to generate greater contrast and vivid colours. We manufacture canvases in different finishes: eyelet, silicone profile, Velcro…


Yupos are PVC-free 100% ecological adhesives. They are fixed by means of micro-suction cups because they have no glue and leave no marks or bubbles. They are reusable. They are normally used on doors, household appliances, walls, furniture and all types of flat, smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Aluminium frames with backlight option

Ideal for installing printed fabrics and canvases for indoor and outdoor use. They can be manufactured 1-sided or 2-sided and backlit with LEDs to breathe even more life into your design. It is an economical solution: you can change the graphic element alone, depending on what you intend to communicate (sales, new advertising campaign…). Their silicon profile makes them very easy to install with no experience needed. They are very strong and long-lasting. A decorative solution adapted to retail and perfect for trade fairs.


POS (point-of-sale) advertising

PCG also manufactures POS material, such as displays and posters. Their importance in influencing customer purchasing decisions has been well demonstrated.


Cardboard cubes

They are ecological and 6-sided, they provide a wide printing surface and virtually infinite possibilities for combinations with other cubes. They are original, can be disassembled, reused and they can also be suspended from the ceiling, placed in pyramids, columns, stairs…. They can be manufactured in different sizes.


Interior design

Thanks to digital printing in interior design, floors, windows and walls can be easily and economically personalised in a modern way. We provide a broad range of products to cover all your needs: wallpaper, textiles, vinyls, auto-adhesive transparent fabrics for windows…They are printed with water-based latex inks and are therefore non-pollutant, non-toxic and sustainable.


Large Format Gallery

Product gallery

Large format products include roll-ups, displays, canvases, foams, vinyls, etc. Large format products represent an efficient means of communication because they offer a lot of visibility and allow you to communicate your advertising message better.

They are very useful for events and trade shows. One of their main advantages is that they can be used in different places: in stores, supermarkets, shopping centers or on the street. Another benefit is that there are different types of products, formats and materials.

Some materials are reusable and ecological and most large format products can be printed with latex ink.

Large format products can be placed on different supports such as walls, wood, glass, windows and vehicles.


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