Importance of the Psychology of Colors in Marketing



Colors communicate emotions, but how can we use them in graphic design to stand out?

Color psychology is a strong marketing tool. PCG explains the connection between color and emotion, their impact on visual communication, and the strategic color choices of brands.

80% of the information that reaches us passes by the sight, it is the most solicited of our senses.

Since color is the first visual element perceived and memorized, it is a powerful marketing tool.

It is not the only element to take into account in the visual marketing strategy, however it has a lot of meanings and can say a lot about a company.

Color is an important tool in visual communication, whether it be for the logo, the website or the various communication supports.

Studies have shown that colors can stimulate perceptions and reactions, and thus influence consumer buying behavior.

Colors alone can make brands identifiable, they have a strong impact. Some brands do not hesitate to reserve the exclusivity to use a color, protecting it by an official registration. This is the case of The Coca-Cola Company, for example, with their famous red.

From a more practical point of view, the choice of colors also affects the readability and visibility of a communication support. It is essential to choose colors carefully so that the message to convey is clear, understandable and striking.

Colors can awaken emotions in us, they each have several meanings. Depending on the countries, cultures and times, these meanings may be completely different.

It is better to be aware of these differences when creating a visual marketing strategy and making choices of colors, especially if the company communicates internationally.

The meaning and psychology of colors is not an exact science. Colors have various meanings and always a more or less important ambivalence.

The relationship to color is something personal, which depends on the cultural background of each person. The effect of a color also depends on the attitude of the person facing it.

Infographic color psychology marketing meaning
PCG company logo color psychology marketing

The example of our company logo

  We opted for a camaieu of greens. The colors chosen create a kind of harmony, they are fresh, young and modern.

This logo represents our brand well, the pictogram depicts a tree leaf inside of a printing dot. The colors are a reminder of our commitment to ecology.

Key points to remember:

  • Colors influence consumers’ behavior

  • Every culture and every person has their own interpretation of colors

  • Red and blue are the two colors that big brands use the most in their visual communication

  • Blue is the most popular color among men and women

  • Warm colors stimulate while cool colors soothe