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Chez PCG, nous somme spécialisés dans l’impression numérique
et offset de supports publicitaires

Papeterie d’entreprise

La papeterie d’entreprise constitue un enjeu crucial à ne pas négliger car c’est un élément ayant l’un des impacts visuels les plus importants de votre marque à l’extérieur. Une carte de visite est souvent le premier support de communication de votre marque que voient vos futurs clients. C’est pourquoi la papeterie d’entreprise doit être considérée comme un outil marketing supplémentaire et que nous devons lui donner toute l’importance qu’elle mérite.

Impression de flyers à Barcelone

Supports de communication

Vous aurez enfin les supports de communication que votre entreprise mérite! Chez PCG, nous somme spécialisés dans l’impression numérique et offset de supports publicitaires.

Impression Grand Format

L’impression numérique grand format est la manière la plus visible et directe de communiquer, aussi bien en intérieur qu’en extérieur. Elle s’adapte à la publicité urbaine, aux foires et salons, aux congrès, aux conventions… C’est un support idéal pour transmettre des émotions.
Impression grand format à Barcelone

PCG Google Review


  • I am a client since 3 years. Fully satisfied.

    thumb Mohamed Ali Chellakh
    11 juillet, 2019

    Very professional printing company ! we had the best experience possible. Last minute printings, last minute changes on the order, delivery, everything went really really well. THANK YOU PCG TEAM !

    thumb Mélanie Villar
    12 novembre, 2019

    Our German printer fell through at the last minute when we needed a big print job finished and delivered to an event. PCG came through with not only on-time and on-spec service, but at an even better price than our German printer. Their customer service was perfect and they even dealt with shipping to two different countries in the EU. AMAZING!

    thumb Morgan Cole
    5 décembre, 2019
  • Great personal service, would definitely recommend for exhibition printing needs.

    thumb Mark Beaumont
    6 mars, 2019

    Our experience with PCG Print was excellent. They worked with us to meet our tight internal deadlines and ensured our print materials were printed on time and of high quality. Alberto and Sarah were very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Both went above and beyond when it came to handling last minute orders and were flexible making deliveries to our event venue to ensure success.

    thumb Craig Lansley
    24 octobre, 2019

    We ordered flyers a few days before MWC and PCG printed them with no problems. They met us outside the North gate in the morning, which was perfect. We ordered more the next day and they delivered again. Communicating in English was excellent.

    thumb John Amein
    6 mars, 2019
  • Had a very good experience with them, ran out of visiting cards on a critical day & they went out of the way to seamlessly provide this service within a matter of hours, on a day when no one accepted the short timeline I had. Great follow up, engagement and focus on quality from the team, in particular Sarah who went the extra mile. Kudos guys!

    thumb Dhiraj Manglani
    7 mars, 2019

    I am a client since 3 years. Fully satisfied.

    thumb Mohamed Ali Chellakh
    11 juillet, 2019

    We used PCG to print and a deliver a poster same day. Their service was excellent and the poster was hand delivered, we received a confirmation call upon delivery. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniela and the team to others.

    thumb Meghann Owens
    14 janvier, 2020
  • PCG was one of the most reliable companies I have worked with. I was producing a project in Barcelona (from overseas) and I experienced their top notch service and products. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nick Tyrovolas
    3 avril, 2019

    We briefed in a last minute request to print 200 brochures and 100 flyers and they have managed to print in a day and deliver on time. the work was excellent. Definitely recommend PCG Barcelona

    thumb Nico Vilakazi
    26 novembre, 2019

    Very professional staff, the production was very quick and with high quality

    thumb Marta Fernández
    14 octobre, 2019
  • Working with PCG has been a great experience. They were always ready to help us and the timings were just perfect. The final work was what we just expected. Thank you!

    thumb Patricia Llorente
    8 octobre, 2018

    Amazing place, very professional staff and a broad material palette

    thumb Иван Марчук
    3 octobre, 2019

    Une réactivité et une écoute optimale avec un grand choix de papier ! Le produit fini est impeccable et les finitions parfaites, merci à eux pour les différentes épreuves qui ont permis un choix de papier parfaitement adéquat. Le bonus : le possibilité de pouvoir échanger en français ou/et en espagnol !

    thumb timothée Lecerf
    23 janvier, 2019
  • Exceptional Service. During the MWC we ran out of business cards, PCG received our designs via Email, made some corrections, sent me a test of the prints and after I accepted it they delivered the order in less than 16 hours. Awesome service, and the best of all is that I made everything via email so I didn't have to bother myself calling or going to their location. I would totally recommend it.

    thumb Felipe Salazar
    21 mars, 2018

    Great costumer service!

    thumb Márton Mezei
    12 avril, 2018

    Good product quality?

    thumb EmIly Yu Bo
    21 mars, 2018
  • Great service and friendly staff!! Very quick turn around as well.

    thumb Maria Joseph
    26 février, 2020

    Very quick and friendly service

    thumb Stefan Walraven
    6 mars, 2019

    Wonderful service! Very professional, responsive, and done at a high quality. Will definitely use their services again

    thumb Efrat Gidron
    6 mars, 2019


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