The advantages of digital die-cutting

In this blog we will show you the possibilities offered by digital die-cutting to achieve more striking and unique finishes on our print products

Die-cutting is the technique that allows us to make cuts and creases of different shapes in various types of material whether it’s rigid or soft, such as paper, cardboard, foam or pvc.


Die-cutting shapes, cuts or bends the material to achieve the desired design. Depending on the die-cutting technique we use, the detail level can be higher, and we can offer products with very detailed and eye-catching finishes.

The die cut technique, in its digital version, does the function of die-cutting without the need of having the physical die support. The technique is done by digitizing the design or creating a vectorized graphic of the contour of the piece, in this way the act of cutting or die-cutting is done with great precision and detail.


The robotic cutting system by blades follows the contour using a software and performs the die-cutting work on the support we have chosen. This technique is ideal for producing larger quantities of less complex parts, reducing production and delivery time.

This technique is widely used because it can be applied to give different and original shapes, helping to improve the components of corporate visual identity in products such as business cards, folders, calendars, labels, packaging, etc.


At the marketing level, the die technique is used to generate a stronger visual impact on products such as business cards, tickets, creative brochures, displays, advertising stoppers, stickers, etc. And if you also add other elements such as UVI or digital printing in gold or silver, the product can gain a great touch of elegance and distinction.

If you are thinking of trying out the die-cutting technique, don’t hesitate to contact us! At PCG we will be glad to help you with your printing projects and advise you throughout the entire printing process.

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