PCG joins more than 180 leading Spanish companies in the Declaration in favor of renewed global cooperation of the Global Compact

In the midst of a global pandemic, more than 1,000 executive leaders from over 100 countries have demonstrated their support for the United Nations and inclusive multilateralism by signing an ambitious Declaration in favor of renewed global cooperation.

In response to this context of uncertainty where issues such as climate change, economic uncertainty and systematic racism have been compounded by misinformation, the UN Global Compact launched a campaign asking the CEOs of the adhering entities to show their support for peace and security, human rights and sustainable development. 

At the national level, 183 of the signatory companies, including PCG, are Spanish, placing Spain as the first country in terms of CEOs adhering to the declaration.

The Declaration has been developed by the Global Compact Platform for Action, whose mission is aligned with the Agenda 2030 SDG 16 goals of peace, justice and strong institutions. Aspects that are key to the future of business.

Business leaders believe that good governance must be at the core of good business. They not only must ensure good corporate governance within their organizations, but also they must support better global governance that exemplifies ethical leadership in their organizations and addresses inequities and injustices.

In the spirit of renewed global cooperation, public and private institutions must demonstrate that they are accountable, ethical, inclusive and transparent. 

At PCG we celebrate the success and support of the Declaration and are proud to be part of the network of companies whose goal is cooperation for justice and equality in business.

You can find more information on the website of the United Nations Global Compact.