A good printing for trade shows and events: Communication products

Participation in trade shows and events is essential to increase a company’s visibility, find new customers and observe the competition. To maximize your chances, a company should be prepared to stand out, whether it’s with communication products, booth decoration or promotional gifts to distribute to attendees, PCG can help you with a good printing for trade shows and events!

Here are some of the printing products that can help you stand out if you plan to attend a trade show.

The must-haves for your company’s corporate identity

There are many elements to take into account before attending an event. The important thing is to start with a good presentation in order to capture the interest of a possible future client.

There are many types of communication products, but the essential ones are business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs and folders.

Business cards are still the infallible method to present yourself in all kinds of occasions and are essential to share contact information. An original design and finish will allow you to attract attention and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Options such as UVI 3D varnish or digital die-cutting adds a distinctive touch to business cards that everyone will remember you by.


Business Card - PCG Barcelona

Flyers and brochures are the ideal communication tool to promote your company, inform about your news or announce an event you have scheduled.

Both flyers and brochures have to arouse the curiosity and interest of your customers. A clear and sober message, along with a creative design, will catch more attention and readers will be able to retain the message more easily. Depending on what your mission is and how much information you want to add, you can choose between different sizes and formats.

Catalogs provide the opportunity for companies to show images of their products, add as much detailed information as they wish, enhance their sales pitch and demonstrate their expertise. Catalogs are a powerful sales tool. The secret lies in finding the right balance between a careful graphic presentation, in line with the company’s philosophy, and presenting good photographs of the products; this balance must present a product that can showcase the value and the company’s objective.

Catalogue - PCG Barcelona
Folder - PCG Barcelona

A good folder is another perfect communication tool to preserve and present your projects. It is very useful at trade fairs or congresses because it enhances and promotes the company’s identity. Structurally, the folder can have several formats and is usually made to also contain a business card, so that it becomes a souvenir for the client, who can use it in a practical way (to keep documents) and to have all the contact information of the company.


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